5 Ways we are Helping Sellers during the Coronavirus in Asheville and Western North Carolina

AVL Living Real Estate has responded to the Coronavirus crisis by implementing new technologies, created new procedures. and providing relevant information to assist sellers in Asheville and Western North Carolina. Our focus is assisting sellers who need to sell their home quickly.

1. We are using 3D Matterport Videos for home showings.

3D Matterport videos will be a part of all of our full-service listings at no extra charge. We have been using this technology for over 3 years and sellers love this technology because it allows buyers to “view” the home on their computer.  It also allows the sellers to track how many people are “viewing” their home online. Here are some examples of previous 3D Matterport tours.


2. We have implemented Virtual technologies for meetings with clients and are hosting events and education targeted at out of town buyers.

We are seeing a large increase of interest in people looking for properties in rural areas and we feel this will continue through  2020 and in future years.  While buyers are unable to travel to Asheville and Western North Carolina we are using virtual technologies for meetings, such as ZOOM and Google Hangouts.  We are recording podcasts and webinars to answer the most common questions from our out of town buyers.  Each area of Western North Carolina is different and each has its unique qualities.  Our website has been redesigned to offer information on many of our towns and communities.  We know that each buyer has unique interests and criteria for selecting a property in Western North Carolina and we want to provide as much information as possible online until they are able to visit.  We are offering FREE consultations via virtual meetings. These can be scheduled on our website.

3. We have implemented safety procedures for viewing our listings.

If an in-person showing is necessary,  we are advising people to travel to the home in two cars because we know that you cannot practice social distancing in one car.  We are advising showings to the smallest group possible and only allow one buyer group to tour the home at a time. We will require that other people wait outside if another showing is going on.  We will have gloves and disinfectant wipes available for opening the lockbox and all doors.  We request that all potential buyers refrain from touching anything in the house during the showing.  We make sure that anyone who leaves the home washes their hands or uses an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.  We know that inspections and property appraisals will be necessary for the closing of transactions and advise all of these activities to be conducted alone and the results discussed by phone and files sent electronically.

4. We are offering flexible listing options for sellers.

Many people wanting to sell their home want to save money on commissions or only want limited services offered by real estate brokers.  We are working with our seller clients to determine what options they are interested in and then creating a listing agreement that reflects their preferences.  To learn more, click here.

5. We are providing information to help homeowners worried about foreclosure and understand their options.

Following the 2008 real estate crisis, our firm changed our primary focus from luxury homes to foreclosure homes. We obtained national REO and short sale certifications which enabled us to thrive through several challenging years. We listed and sold over 500 foreclosure properties across Western North Carolina. We understand the challenges that homeowners face during challenging times. Our goal is to try and keep everyone in their home and understand what options might be available to them. We also realize that some people have no other option but to sell their home.  We are experienced in these types of situations and offer options to help them sell quickly and save as much money as possible in the process.  We have 2 Facebook pages that offer information regarding this: 1)  our AVL Living FB Page and  2) our WNC Foreclosures FB page.  We are also available for a FREE consultation.

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