Why will COVID-19 create new interest in Asheville and Western North Carolina?

There are 5 key reasons we will see growth in the Asheville and Western North Carolina real estate market following  COVID-19.


1. Its location offers easy access to several airports and is within driving distance to popular coastal areas in the Carolinas such as Charleston, SC,  Hilton Head, SC, and the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Anyone who has used the AVL Airport for travel usually falls in love with it.  If you are looking for a growing regional airport offering great airfares, short lines, and friendly staff, look no further than the AVL Airport.   For another option, the GSP airport , serving the Greenville, SC area is an hour away and offers many other options for great airfares.   For international flights, Charlotte’s International airport is approximately 2 hours away.



If you are looking for a visit to the beach or coastal areas of the Carolinas, there are numerous options.  The beaches in North Carolina are characterized by stretches of remote, rarely crowded beaches and a string of beautiful barrier islands.  Driving distances from Asheville are approximately 6-7 hours.



Many people traveling from Asheville, prefer Charleston, SC and Hilton Head, SC due to the shorter driving distance.  Charleston is approximately 4 hours and Hilton Head is approximately 5 hours.



2. We are appreciating the beauty of the mountains and enjoying outdoor activities which offer our families the opportunity to build memories and reduce our stress.

Social distancing, being stuck at home and limiting contact with other people has given us a great opportunity to enjoy the National and State Parks that are located throughout Western North Carolina and are easily accessible from Asheville.  While many closed for a period of time and implemented safety measures, people are appreciating the beauty of our mountains and the benefits that nature provides. Asheville is the perfect base from which to explore some of the best state and national parklands in the eastern U.S. From the grand wilderness of the Great Smoky Mountains to the winding wonder of the Blue Ridge Parkway, adventure is never far away.  If someone is looking for waterfalls to enjoy, there are numerous options. Here is a great bucket list of waterfall hikes in NC. 

3. We are more focused on the ability to grow your own food, easy access to Farmers Markets,  in addition to,  great options for dining which offer healthy meals.

Concerns about the food supply during COVID-19, have made gardening even more popular. People are flocking to local farms and farmer’s markets and DIY chicken coops are becoming the rage. Western North Carolina and Asheville have always been known for their Farm to Table restaurants, local farmer’s markets, and the selection of sources for organic fresh foods.

Some of the great sources are:  Mountain Food Products ,  Mother Earth Food, and the WNC Farmers Market.

4. We were given an opportunity to SLOW down and focus on what is really important in our lives.

Following the stay-at-home orders across the United States,  people haven’t had a choice but to slow down.  Everything has either been canceled or postponed.  Many are reevaluating their lives and making changes to what their “new normal” might be.  Many of us were stressed, but maybe COVID-19 has taught us that it doesn’t have to be that way.  Perhaps there will be changes to our homes, changes to our lifestyle choices, and changes for the schedules of everyone in their family.  Fast Company posted a great article on suggestions on how to plan your life Post COVID-19 and some great things to think about. They summarize it by asking, “When the world gets back to whatever the next normal may be, do you want your life to be the way it was before, or are there things you’re learning?”


5. Telecommuting has proved to be an option for many people that never considered it.

Maybe we don’t need to go to work at an office any longer and maybe we don’t have to do our shopping in stores.  That is the message we keep playing in our heads.  Why not embrace the technology and services we have available from our homes?


Will the home office now be a requirement in our home search? Will we renovate and improve our homes because we will be spending more time there?                  Is there another wave of virus coming in the fall?  We all need to ask ourselves these questions.  The time we were spending commuting has made time available for our family, as well as more time to handle tasks at home that we never were able to do.


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